Shrines to History

 There is a history among things, much as in the history of people. Objects of art or utility, remnants of animals alive or long dead, pieces of the earth and of the seas; all have traveled a unique trajectory in a parallel existence. Things are created by accident or intention, they are used or left alone, they evolve or decay, they are discarded or forgotten. Like people, things have a creation, a destruction, and a space in between in which meaning is found. Unlike people, however, that space may be minutes or millennia; the fleeting glow of a match or the dizzying age of a meteorite. 

I am interested in the history of things, in the origin of things, and in the long and fascinating journeys that take them to their ultimate destruction. Many of the things that I have collected over the years were discarded things, broken things, things that had been lost. Though these things may no longer be useful, they remain beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring. They are snapshots of the changing history of civilization, and even of the earth. The fossils and bones; the artifacts and antiques; the bits of old hardware or old photos; the strange and unusual detritus of junk stores and old barns are all my specimens, which I have lovingly curated over many years of travel. I honor this collection of things in a series of reliquaries devoted to the worship of history.