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Anna Graham

Anna Graham is a writer, teacher, artist, traveler and maker with an insatiable curiosity.

Anna is a writer, artist, teacher, maker and traveler with an insatiable curiosity. She wants to make the world a better place through logic and compassion.

Dr. Watson

Though Dr Watson is known for his piercing intellect, that is not an intentional squint.

I grew up in rural America.  I dropped out of high school, and spent my teenage years in the sooty red brick of 90's Central London.  After getting kicked out of military aviation, I flew air freight in Alaska until curiosity drew me to molecular biology and a failed experiment pushed me in the direction of medical school.  Medicine has helped me come to know my time and place, and helped me find use for the period that I will occupy it.  I am grateful, I could really ask for nothing more.  

About Us

Anna Graham

artist, writer, teacher, filmmaker, survivor, philosopher, activist, troublemaker, mommy

enough kindness can change the world.